Mental Health Awareness? I’m Over It

Two weeks ago (yes, it is June, yes, time is exhausting) was Mental Health Awareness Week. The theme of the week was kindness, designed to tie the numerous acts of kindness and flourishing communities that have emerged during the Covid-19 pandemic into the broader idea that kindness can enhance the mental health of individuals andContinue reading “Mental Health Awareness? I’m Over It”

2020 Calling 2010

Dear Lauren, aged 11 years and 8 months It’s Lauren, aged 21 years and 8 months here! I can happily report that the next (last?) ten years look nothing like The Hunger Games, or any of those other post-apocalyptic books you’re obsessing over.  I don’t want to give you any spoilers, but I know you’reContinue reading “2020 Calling 2010”

The Difficulties of Picking an -ism

During my first year of university, I studied a different -ism every week. I looked at socialism and conservatism, wrote essays on environmentalism and Thatcherism, read pages on feminism and liberalism. I found the dedication of individuals to their chosen ideology varyingly confusing, admirable, daft and logical. But most of all, I found their certaintyContinue reading “The Difficulties of Picking an -ism”

Mental Health Awareness Week

Wonderfully, this year’s Mental Health Awareness week coincides with the start of my exam season. The exam period is to mental health what January is to physical health, but instead of a barrage of flu strains, hangovers and chocolate overdoses, the onslaught consists of sleep deprivation and intense pressure to succeed, all within the shadowContinue reading “Mental Health Awareness Week”

How to Overcome Procrastination

The festive season is coming to an end. The Bountys’ lie dejected in the Celebrations box. The fairy lights will soon be neatly packed away, waiting to reemerge next year in an inconceivable tangle. A sense of foreboding returns as work, school and university responsibilities shake us rudely awake from our Betwixtmas slumber. I haveContinue reading “How to Overcome Procrastination”